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Jul 26, 2010 7:00pm PDT
and attended a yacht race at the height of the disaster. >>> asap san francisco company has recalled its hummus products. they are manufactured by this company and sold unno one has reported getting sick but can cause -- no one has reported getting sick but can cause serious infection and those with weak immune systems. they carry expiration dates up to september 23rd and people who have these products should throw them out or return them to the store with their purchase you can get more information regarding the hummus recall by clicking the link on our homepage k >>> , sales were up last month but it was still the second slowest month on record. new homes sold at the annual rate of 330 dozen units in june and that is a 23.5 increase but down 16.7%. it follows the april expiration of the government's rebates. that's news and an upbeat forecast helped boost stocks today and the dow gained 100 points and is now with an 7% for the month of july and the nasdaq had a 26-point gain. >>> a key decision today could be a big defeat for apple and they could break internal software to download a
Jul 25, 2010 7:30am EDT
involved down the road to give you more specific advice, always get started asap using one of the simple routes. >> thank you so much for the advice. as you know, all of the questions came from our viewers. if anyone out there has a question, send us your questions and we'll get our experts to answer them. there all you have to do is it ask the show link. again the website is you can e-mail your questions or comments. your >>> search engine optimization is a great way to enhance your business on-line. provides a variety of free web analytics and sco services. registered users can check out live stats of the website, analyze how people are finding their page, and checking the availability of domain names. offers a web stats application to provide realtime updates of your site's performance. to learn more about today's show, click on our website, it's all of today's segments and web exclusive content with more information to help you grow your business. next week,
Jul 15, 2010 10:00pm EDT
trip. and i need to call my credit card company asap. >> court papers say to date. more than 3600 of 1800 customers have bben affected by cancellations. in orlando this morning. >> they checked my name and spelling and everything. and they did not have any confirmation for me. >> i had a phhne call ffom that are taking a family vacation to wawai and maui that showed up this morning after speeding $7000 on trip and hotel reservations cancellee. >> ttoy was an agent with until he and other employeesswere escorted3 out this morning. after told thhy no longer had รบ%bs. myers was the agent thht connacted stacc jackson. >> if i didn't get this e-mail from this guy that happpned to have my e-mail in his note pad frommme doing busiiess with him before i would not have known. -hapter 11 for allegedled3 outstanding debt. and suggest that is customers but one attorney said it may not be that easy to resolve. -nd creeits could ake up to a year to receive. >> put the bankruutcy court t may take longer. hotel through card company. most banks will
Jul 16, 2010 9:00am EDT
on the list should be deported asap. it was sent to media and government offices across the state. leaders in salt lake city's latino community say the list stirred up fear. >> if i were governor i would ask for an independent investigation of the list. i would go after whoever is putting out this kind of list through the law, and i would condemn the list which wasn't done by our current governor. >> our community is very concerned, very worried about it. i would say they have been terrorized, many of them, and people are just afraid about what's happened. >> acknowledge that they don't have permission, are not permitted to access case records, unless they have a business reason to do that. you just can't purge the database and look in people's records. >> the governor's office is trying to figure out how someone got ahold of that information. investigators are zeroing in on the utah department of work force services. >>> an espn reporter erin andrews says the hotel where she was secretly videotaped by a stalker is negligent. one word turns innovative design into revolutionary performance.
Jul 16, 2010 6:00am PDT
bumper problem, give it away for free but he wants the problem taken care of asap. this is not a big surprise to apple according to engineers. they are saying steve jobs knew about the problem and we're going to hear from steve jobs to see what the solution is. >>> this morning, there is word that computer giant hewlett-packard will close its campus in cupertino and move several thousand employees to to palo alto headquarters. the move will take place over the next two years. they employ around 3500 people but the company occupies only 65% of the available space in cupertino and palo alto. they believe consolidating operations in palo alto will make the company more productive. cupertino officials say it will have a negative financial impact on the city's tax revenue. >> they are expected to rule on the state controller's efforts on governor's mandate on state employees wages. workers would receive their full back pay once it's signed. >> polls show that the senate race is a dead heat between boxer and republican challenger carly fiorina but it's a much different story when it comes
Jul 13, 2010 5:00pm EDT
of to acknowledge the race schism within it. earlier sarah palin said i'm busy today. notify me asap when naacp renders a verdict. she's mocking it. ben jealous is president and ceo of the naacp. what do you think of sarah palin making fun of the naacp? >> i don't know what to say about sarah palin. but what's real is that we aren't taking issue with the tea party itself. what we're taking issue with is the perpetual tolerance for racist and racist statements by their own folks. they need to just come out and say once and for all there's no place for bigotry in our ranks, and then back that up. >> what do you make of those signs, and we're going to show them in a minute now. we've all seen them. we showed them in our doc when we did it on the rise of the right. they always seem to show up with the signs. not everybody has got one. but they're there. they're obvious. there's one. a white-faced version of barack obama painted up. then you have another one with hitler. you have all the hitler references. the racist sort of ethnic stuff. games being played with pictures. it really gets trible. it g
Jul 13, 2010 7:00pm EDT
it and to repudiate those factions. earlier today sarah palin treated the following. i'm busy today so notify me asap when naacp renders verdict. are liberty dark loving equality-seeking people racist? ben jealous of the naacp joins us. what do you think governor palin is making fun of with the naacp, what do you think? >> i don't know what to say about governor palin. we're really not taking issue with the tea party itself. we're taking issue with the perpetual poll trance and racist statements by their own folks. they need to just come out and say once and for all there's no place for bigots or bigotry in our ranks and then back that up. >> what do you make of those signs, and we're going to show them in a minute, we've been showing them tonight. we've all seem them. showed them in our doc when we did it on "the rise of the right." they always seem to show up with those signs. i mean, not everybody's got one, but they are there, and they are -- they are obvious. pictures of -- distorted there. there's one as sort of a white-faced version of barack obama painted up like a minstrel or something, and
Jul 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
reign in these racist behaviors id say asap. if she's serious about running for the presidency in 2010, she should start by condemning the ugly tea party blafr in the hawkeye state. you see this billboard in mason city, iowa, set off a national firestorm on the very day the naacp passed its resolution to condemn tea party racism. the north iowa tea party, those guys in the northern part of iowa. they're responsible for the sign comparing president obama to lenin and hitler. after taking all kinds of heat, they removed the billboard today. north iowa tea party leader bob johnson originally tried to explain the image by saying splt purpose of the billboard was to draw attention to socialism. it seems to have been lost in the visuals. you think in the pictures overwhelmed the message." i would agree with you on that. what message though? passing health care is equal to killing 6 million jews or stimulus package is the first step towards a russian revolution? i mean, these people reabsolutely nuts. and many of them are racists. if there's a brain trust in the tea party, they need to face u
Jul 23, 2010 7:00am PDT
a belief in a six days with the 49ers 0 a guinea take to people who do this for a living asap don't go through training can't even be set back for a couple of years you're missing that first thing because we're not used to the gross bead and all those things to go with it. >> does has a rebuilt for your. >> is a great woman kanuri but does bryant. >> phyllis and more fun to talk about your member tom cruise in the character it of less grossman. he stole the show he sold the movie and heat stroke the warts when he was this. >> was really good you can say what you want about what it believes in and all that stuff but he and jennifer lopez fabulous. >> there will be a movie based on this character. it's hilarious they will ask him and tell us about some of the uses i don't read this script the script reads me. >> given credit he lost much popularity because of his religious staff and oakland coach and all that stuff maybe might be good if you went under the name appeared " grossman on the marquee didn't he just have share promotion and camera right ds didn't do quite hot did it. >> it's c
Jul 11, 2010 10:30am EDT
a lot of time. the right thing to do is to move directly into peace talks asap. it is the only way this will be resolved. it needs a resolution. the substance of my vision for peace is a solution of two states for two peoples in which a demilitarized palestinian state recognizes the jewish state of israel -- a vision encourage it in two principles, security and legitimacy. security sounds obvious, and has been around a long time as an issue. the nature of the challenge of security has changed. when the talks began, there were two things that were not present and have since loomed large. the first, the rise of iran and its proxies, and the rise of missiles and a chance of warfare. we are prepared to vacate territories for the sake of peace. we have done that just now twice, once in lebanon -- and those areas were taken over quickly by the proxy's of iran which poured missiles into them, later to be fired on us. the second time, we visited every last inch of gaza -- quickly taken over by the proxy's of iran reports rockets and missiles and to them, fired at us. 12,000 rockets and mis
Jul 26, 2010 11:00pm EDT
and is an of original cosponsoof the comprehensive immigration reform asap act. she believes that all people should have equal protections and rights under the law and is a foundinmember and vice chair of the ecology caucus which promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual and trends gender equality in the united states and the world. in short, she is a pretty amazing example of what women in power can achieve for us all. so please give up for representative jan schakowsky. [applause] [cheering] >> it is an honor and pleasure to be with you all of you and to have the distinct honor of introducing my friend and the speaker of the house nancy pelosi what happens in vegas stays in vegas suspect this crowd of boulders and tweeters and media entrepreneur is pretty much nothing that happens here is going to stay here. [cheering] so let that be a warning to everybody. this is a marvelous opportunity at netroots nation to ask the eaker questions. this will give absolutely candid answers. i do believe hat nancy pelosi will go down in history as the most effective speaker of the house that we have ever had. [applause] and of
Jul 28, 2010 2:00am EDT
that and when i set up this facility asap we will focus on those business claims. >> okay. and so your testimony earlier that the claims will be actually what bp is doing, you're monitoring those and they're coming to you now instead of bp directly? >> they will be in the matter of weeks and i'll accelerate the payment of those claims. >> how do you plan to staff the gulf keep the people that are there now. we will train them. as neede and we will set up the instruction a matter of weeks. i know compared to louisiana and mississip mississippi. have you seen the payments getting better? is mr. fineberg said, small payments have been fairly routine matrs. in matters that are in excess to 100,000 or excess of a million have been extremely difficult to obtain. >> it was very sporadic. some large checks. other companies have been waiting three months for their first check. >> coming from where i am and obviously you were concerned about galveston. that wasn't the issue in southeast texas. but my concern is the comment not only on the bp's response but the impact of the moratorium. whether it be alab
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)